The Cherry



The Villa is a small, yet historic neighborhood in the Irving Park community area. Its boundaries are Pulaski on the west, Addison on the south, Avondale on the north and Hamlin on the east. Made up of only 126 single-family homes, the neighborhood was built in 1902 by a number of architects, many of them visibly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style of architecture. The houses, which are set on boulevard style streets, offered residents an escape from the noise and congestion of central Chicago while still being easily accessible by railroads and streetcar lines. Most of the homes in the Villa, which feature various forms of Craftsman and Prairie style architecture, were built between its founding and 1922. Due to the work and dedication of the Villa Improvement League, the city’s oldest continuously operating neighborhood association, the beauty of this neighborhood has been preserved over the years.

The Linden

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